Shopper is an application for your N900, N800 or N810 that provides a shopping list with categories and a UI that's useful whilst shopping.

You wander round the kitchen and make a list before you go out. Shopper reminds you of what you want in the right order for the supermarket and lets you keep track of what you've picked up and what you still need to get.

The list can be scrolled using your fingers and the items are crossed of the list with a left-right scribbling gesture. Zooming is now supported so the items are easier to select for those of us with pudgy (sorry, "manly") fingers...

Rotated view

Version 0.5.9-2

Released to Fremantle-Extras at last.

Version 0.5.7

Released to Extras

Version 0.5.6

Version 0.5.5

First release to 'Extras'

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